We Grow Your Most Profitable Customers

Our team of economic analysts and data scientists use agile research to uncover growth opportunities in your customer's journey.


Beat Your AdWords Competitors

It's expensive to buy clicks, we use the most cutting edge analytics to help you optimize your spend and outbid your competitors for the best customer clicks.


Mine Your Facebook Ads Data

Facebook provides a ton of data for building campaigns that drive conversions. Our instant insight report uses this data to give you a serious advantage over your competition.


What We Do

Marketing Optimization

Grow your business through better digital marketing conversion by targeting the most profitable customer’s during their journey.

Product-Market Fit

Understand and identify your most profitable customer and how to connect them to your product, service or brand.

Agile Research

We are your data partner, with a human reporting every two weeks using agile methods that connect insights over time.

Who We Are

Emperitas has revolutionized research and data modeling by combining expertise in economics, marketing analysis, consumer psychology and data science to deliver strategy-focused results.

We’re a special bunch of people, committed to improving the world through better information based on data, theory and customer collaboration. By combining the power of economics, mathematical modeling, and automation, we’re on the cutting edge of business intelligence.

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What Others Say

Working with Emperitas helped us gather critical information to fuel our decision making process. From the very beginning, they demonstrated an expertise in both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. What impressed me most was their ability to reframe problems and ask better questions to find insights that hide beneath the surface.

Sam Neotker, Manager Advanced Concept Engineering, Skullcandy

I was very impressed with the in-depth analysis that Luciano, Brad and team were able to provide us. Their ability to take our data and break it apart and provide feedback was extraordinary.

Tim Dilworth – SVP Marketing, Overstock.com

We chose Emperitas because they offered so much depth, breadth and knowledge. The methods they used impressed me, and they were willing to sit down and learn about us and our industry.

Scott Nelson, SVP Marketing, ProPay

Emperitas has repeatedly shown they deliver results that improve the bottom-line for us, and the rest of their clients.

Tyler Dabo, Publisher, Utah Business Magazine

Without data, you're flying blind. Emperitas brought a unique research team with a lot of different skills. It enabled them to bring unique insight to our questions. It was a great collaboration.

John Tribbia, Director of Customer Research, Backcountry.com

Case Studies

Our team continually delivers business insights to medium sized organizations.

Whether it’s optimizing existing digital market spend, vetting a new market for a product/service, or improving profitability and growing customers, we deliver strategy-centric insights in beautiful reports using simple, human language.



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Children’s Miracle Network

Utah Business Magazine

Utah Business Magazine

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KUER Radio

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Living Planet Aquarium

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How We Work

You’re probably wondering what exactly it is that we do. No problem, it can sound complicated at first so let us explain…

Mapping and Segmenting the Customer Journey 

We start with detailed customer segmentation by combining the customer data you already have with behavioral data we get from custom surveys. We work with survey companies to find your perfect customers through social media, data mining techniques, including web scraping. Unlike the typical customer segmentation process, we are able to create math-based personas for each different type of customer in your industry. Then, we deliver final customer segments through visually rich reports with specific details on how your specific customers will best convert-this report can include a custom product of interest, price, message or channel.

We’re World Class Survey Experts

We mentioned working with survey companies. The data we gain from working with these organizations helps us provide clear recommendations based on your specific project’s goals. Internally, we program in multiple survey languages and use our own data mining techniques to gather and blend with any of your existing data. If more data is needed, we conduct qualitative research and use all of this information to produce a quantitative research survey.

Here’s where we are different – when we mine the survey company data, we use experimental design, NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning to break down information and provide you with specific, actionable insights. We do all of this by implanting ourselves into your team and reporting directly to your team members every two weeks.


We took a survey of Emperitas crew and what their personal favorite data mining techniques include. Here are some of the top results:

  • Linear and Nonlinear Regression
  • Choice-Based Conjoint
  • Dimension Reduction
  • Clustering
  • Structural Equation Modeling
  • Agent-Based Modeling
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning including Support Vector Machines, Random Forest, and Neural Nets

These are in addition to the data mining techniques we already mentioned including web scraping, API connections to digital marketing or social media platforms, database queries and additional information from survey companies as well as primary data collection (including observation and surveys). Putting together a combination of these data points allows us to create a solid customer segmentation profile and customer journey framework to identify any clear untapped opportunities for growth and quickly deliver business solutions to your team.