Our Philosophy

Think Broad, Mine Deep, Explain Simply. This philosophy guides everyone at our organization. In real terms, it means we’re producing the key customer lifetime value metrics before you have to ask, and delivering strategy recommendations through simple, beautiful reporting.

Our Approach

We take a customized approach to research and data, using whatever information you already have, whatever is publicly available, and generating whatever else is needed through a mix of qualitative and quantitative design, economic modeling, and advanced data science. We guarantee that we produce the most accurate customer lifetime value information available to your organization.

About Our Name

Emperitas is a hybridization of two Ancient Latin words: Auctoritas, which means to have influence or respect based on results, and Imperium, which is the right to direct and guide. Together these words form the core of who we are as a tech company, striving to win your business because we’ve earned your trust and respect through proven expertise.

Our History

It’s only fitting that a startup founded by Economists would be born during the Great Recession.

At the time our CEO was finishing his Ph.D. in Economics and teaching courses on agile market research and data science to produce customer lifetime value insights.

Since then, our team’s been recognized for its expertise, and organizations of all sizes and verticals have trusted our innovative approach for customer lifetime value metrics.