Who We Are

We are a team of economists and data scientists committed to bringing a complete and comprehensive crypto-economic solution to today’s emerging cryptocurrencies and the crypto-community.

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What We Do

Economic Modeling: Our team of PhD economists build your whitepaper to highlight the strength of your product and showcase the viability of your project.

Product-Market Fit Research: We help you understand the utility that token holders derive from your project, network effects that drive adoption, and use cases for your product.

Market Simulation: Using advanced economic models and real-world parameters, market simulations build a picture of the production possibilities frontier. These simulations will be used to understand the trajectory and outer limits of your project.

Behavioral Economics:

Learn the incentives that drive your adoption & growth.

Game Theory:

Know your best response to any change in the market.

Econometric Estimation:

Real world data makes your models highly accurate.

Agent-Based Modeling:

Representative agents improve your model predictions.

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Need Help With Your Crypto Economics? Let’s work together