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About the Project

Spera is a software firm serving crypto-enthusiast freelancers. Spera’s early untested product left many questions for investors and the team.

Building software in the rapidly evolving crypto space with the high cost of development meant the team was in need of help anticipating product-market fit.

The Work

Spera’s hope was to build a product to give freelancers tools to invoice clients using crypto while managing project deadlines and progress.

Emperitas conducted primary research to estimate parameters, messaging, and positioning to provide Spera with a plan for highest likelihood of success.


The results of the research was a comprehensive map of freelancer demand for the project, a detailed look at personas of most value (and most likely to convert), effective messaging strategies, and product positioning among competitive offerings and substitute products. With this Spera was able to raise funds from Medici Ventures and begin to scale.

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