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This applied learning 3-day data boot camp is designed to take someone with minimal data skills and teach them specific tools and processes that will establish them as a data leader in their organization.


“Luciano is a phenomenal teacher. I’ve been to TDWI’s data science boot camp and definitely learned a far greater amount from Luciano.”

Jessi Duffin
Director of Creative @ Big Leap


“Luciano and his team are hands down the best data gurus in the galaxy. Using what we learned, we’re leapfrogging over our competition.”

Josh Child
Chief Design Officer @ Heuro


“Luciano is fantastic as well as fascinating. His personality and attitude toward statistical analysis is what makes this boot camp worth attending.”

Jill Saunders
Marketing Director @ Number Six

What you’ll learn at our mining deeply boot camp:

  • Data project management (setting goals & roadmapping)
  • Data prep (cleaning & transforming)
  • Exploratory data analysis (shape, center, & spread)
  • Descriptive statistics (tests of relationship & difference)
  • Predictive data modeling (OLS & logit)
  • Storytelling with data (reporting & dashboarding)


registration ends in

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Boot Camp Agenda

Day 1

Morning Session
  • Why spread the data gospel
  • Data project management
  • Thinking broadly with data
Afternoon Session
  • Build a project in Rstudio
  • Identifying data type (M.O.S.T)
  • The analytics treasure map

Day 2

Morning Session
  • Data prep & transformation
  • Scripting like a pro
  • The 5-number summary
Afternoon Session
  • Multivariate testing
  • Tests of relationship
  • Test of difference

Day 3

Morning Session
  • Predictive modeling – OLS
  • Predictive modeling – logit
  • The future of data science
Afternoon Session
  • Storytelling with data
  • Implementing data at your job
  • How to build a data culture

Meet your professor


Luciano Pesci, PhD

Luciano is an economist, data scientist, and futurist. In addition to being a highly loved professor at multiple higher-ends, he’s the founder and CEO of Emperitas, a business intelligence solution that combines data science with agile research and economic modeling.

"Lectures were very interesting and made you want to learn more. Luciano was always prepared and is very knowledgeable about the content. I would recommend this course to anyone."

"Seriously awesome."

"The concepts I was exposed to by Luciano put me on track for my career. The class was very advanced, but Luciano understood how to explain the material clearly for students with little background in analytics. He was truly dedicated to ensuring our understanding."

"Luciano has prepared me for real life experience more than any other professor I have taken from. His lectures are relevant and engaging. He cares deeply about the subject matter and it comes through. Anyone would be dumb to not take a class from Luciano."

"Phenomenal teacher. Take any class he offers. Does a great job relating topics to real-world examples. His experiences also obvious and relate to class. Great class, one of the best."

"I had Luciano as an instructor way back in 2012. My favorite teachers are those who, rather than being simply lecturers, are facilitators of learning. Luciano is that kind of teacher."

"Learned a lot. Luciano helps you understand the material and is willing to help if you are willing to put the work in. I recommend him as a professor."

"Luciano is one of the best professors I have ever had. He is straightforward, gives excellent feedback, and his lectures are very well put together. I highly recommend to take any and every class he offers. He truly cares about his students and wants them to succeed."

"This class rewards you for the work you put into it. If you invest the time, you're going to actually learn something. Luciano doesn't teach garbage classes that you have to remember and regurgitate for... you actually need to understand what's going on. With that said, Luciano can make anything interesting--you'll have a good time."

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Where’s boot camp happening?

6330 S 3000 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

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