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Picture this. You’ve collected, cleaned, and analyzed your data (no small feat) but as you sit there staring at your computer screen you think, “what does this actually mean?” If you’ve had a moment like this you’re not alone! One of the most difficult things about data is interpreting the output because it depends on selecting the appropriate analytics method for the right type of data.

Tuesday, September 19th from 10am-11am

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Meet Professor Pesci

Luciano Pesci

Luciano Pesci

Luciano teaches applied data science for the Economics department at the University of Utah and for the MBA program at Westminster. He’s led hundreds of data science projects for enterprises, SMBs, startups, and Nonprofits. He has a 100% “Would Take Again” rating on RateMyProfessor (NBD) and is one of the founders of Emperitas.


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