Like any rapidly emerging tech, crypto’s ecosystem is important to understand but difficult to capture and visualize. To that end, Decentralized is our evolving data project to provide impactful insight, for and about, the crypto community by using publicly available data sources.

You can interact with the Tableau Public Dashboard (built by Ronny) below to explore the world’s current top 100 cryptocurrencies by market share, project name, and geolocation color-coded to express the sentiment of the ruling political bodies toward crypto. For cryptocurrencies without operational geolocations, like Bitcoin, we have included a “Null” option.

What are the steps? What are the sources?

Our data was updated on October 17th, 2018. We realize this is like taking a single frame picture of a SpaceX rocket in flight…it misses the important real-time movement. For now, you’ll have to settle with weekly updates every Wednesday at 3 pm MDT, to provide new insights about the ecosystem and its individual cryptos.

You can also help improve the crypto community by leaving us feedback about the insights you want next, checking back next week, and telling your friends about this project on social media. By doing that, each week we’ll move closer to real-time info about the entire world of crypto. As the ancient Romans would say, progressus, non perfectio (progress, not perfection).

Using python and publicly available APIs we extracted project names and their whitepapers from GitHub. The next step used project names to link market share data through Coinmarketcap’s API to provide a snapshot of the metrics from each token’s page, along with their historical data. From there, project names were fed into the Google Maps API to identify a physical geolocation (if the crypto has one) and then double-validated by a human researcher. While we’re only focusing on the top 100 cryptos right now, our project will evolve to include all cryptos (alive or dead) that are part of this growing ecosystem. Welcome to the community!

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