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  • Risk-free subscription structure – unsubscribe at any time

  • 10x faster and more cost-effective than hiring your own team

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What are we offering?

A data science subscription service that provides the data analytics you need to make the tough calls. We go far beyond dashboards and superficial analysis to give you customized deep analytics. By increasing your understanding of your data, our analytics will lead to better knowledge, better judgment, and better business decisions.

How do you create custom analytics?

We work closely with you to perform the analysis you need by reporting back to you and getting further direction every two weeks. You’ll never reach the end of a huge project and find out the end product was not what you wanted. Our subscription model also prevents you from getting bogged down in tedious RFPs and SOWs and instead lets you start getting analytics fast.

You can trust us. No seriously, you can.

Emperitas has been utilizing data science to direct large organizations towards achieving their strategic business goals for more than 7 years. We’re proud of our stellar user reviews and our current 5-star rating on Google Reviews.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. We’re not like the sub-par and “snake oil” offerings out there, and our subscription service allows you to back out at any time. You just have to trust in us enough to give us a shot, and then you can stay with us for as long as you’d like to continue receiving high-quality analysis. The only thing you should know ahead of time is that we will tell you exactly what we find in your data, and we’re not scared to say that “your baby is ugly.”

More about us.

We continue to work with clients on a subscription basis to uncover critical information through their data and supporting research. We know many people have been burned by the promises of analytics companies in the past, so we have made Automatic Data Reports to help restore your faith in the promise of data analytics and research. If you aren’t ready to rely on us for your bigger data needs, try out the Automatic Data Reports in our Store.

“Emperitas is a great company with a great vision: solve problems with data in the most efficient and effective means possible."

Jason Sills, Senior Supply Chain AnalystBackcountry

“Emperitas takes the kind of approach to data that any business manager hopes to find in a partner. No one explains data science and all its components in plain English better.”

Rich Warner, ‎Director of MarketingVeterans First

“Working with Emperitas helped us fuel our decision making process."

Sam Neotker, Manager Advanced Concept EngineeringSkullcandy

“I was very impressed with Emperitas. Their ability to take our data and break it apart and provide feedback was extraordinary.”

Tim Dilworth, Senior Vice President MarketingOverstock

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